Thursday, May 28, 2009

Show us where you live Friday- Baby Nurseries and Thrift Thursday

First of all I wanted to share this custom name frame I did. I absolutely love how it turned out! It matches Payton's bedding and it looks so cute!
Name Art on sale $18 + shipping
Contact me for more info! :)

Kelly over @ Kelly's Korner Blog is having a children's room and nurseries home tour!
As you know, we don't have any kids yet but hopefully we will soon.

A couple of months ago I found a wonderful website where they showed many different types of baby nurseries. I feel in love with all of them. You can see the post here of my favorite ones!


I am joining the fun at "Thrift Store Thursday" @ Homebody Hollys Party! This is the first time I've done this and I am very excited!

First, lets start by showing you pictures of my beautiful niece! Oh man.. I love her so much. She is so funny and is always laughing. She turned 9 months today! She has my eyelashes! ha..

So I went to Goodwill today and it went perfect! I found so many great items and the price was right.

I dont know for how long I've wanted a plant holder in shape of a bike.. I think they are adorable and look very nice by your front door. Well, today was my lucky day. I didn't only find one, but two! Mama bike, and baby bike! ha.. I paid $8 for both which is not bad. Good deal. They did need a little makeover.... sooooooooo.. with the help of my good ol' friend spray cans.. they turned from this.. into....

I think they look much better. Im telling you blog friends, spray paint will do wonders! If there is an item you dont like anymore for whatever reason, spray paint the item and I promise you will never think the same about the item! It will be love at first sight all over again! :)

I also bought this cute hamper for $3. I might be painting it but I still dont know. Undecided!

I bought this little chair for my niece. It was only $1. I have big plans for this baby! Pictures coming soon!

I know, I might have bought a little too much but I couldnt help myself! The best is yet to come! I bought these four "not so pretty chairs" for $2.25 each. They will become "beauties" in a couple of days.

The recliner, I just bought it because it was $1. Really! Its ridiculous! I had no idea where I was going to put it but I liked it. It was clean, pretty and it was only $1.

It worked out great in my "reading area". It might be a little to big, but for now it looks good. Master bedroom moulding projects coming soon!

This is the best deal! Do you have an idea of what it is? Its a headboard! A cool looking headboard! You might be thinking why I have it in the kitchen, right? Well my plans are: turning this headboard into a wine cellar! Ok, that might have sounded to fancy!

I am planning to paint, remodel and embellish this headboard to hold wine bottles and wine glasses. Doesnt that sound interesting!?
Believe it or not, it was only $1.. I know.. ridiculous! We dont even drink wine but I have many wine decorations around the kitchen. It will go perfectly.

Well hope you have enjoyed my Thrifty Thursday finds.


  1. Thanks for linking to Kelly's blog, I went there and looked at every single nursery and room linked up, and at that point there was 200 something, I'll have to go back and see if there are more later!!!

    Your niece is beautiful!

    I love the bike plant holders. And your house is looking AMAZING! Seriously, I am beyond jealous. I can't go anywhere near spray paint while pregnant, and you have made me want to become best friends with the stuff lately!! :o)

  2. My GW is NEVER EVER that cheap! I'm jealous!

  3. That is great finding that stuff at Goodwill! Love all of the ideas!!!!

  4. That name frame is adorable, and so is your niece!
    I can't believe the prices at your Goodwill! You seriously scored. That recliner would've been at least $30 at my GW, and so would the headboard!
    Thanks for joining TST!

  5. Love the nursery ideas, your neice is adorable, and umm really can I go shopping with you. You find the best stuff and then turn it into something amazing. Maybe one day I'll be able to do that. Can't wait to see what you do with everything.

  6. Wow wow wow! Girl, you scored big time!! I love those four chairs you bought. Gosh, I can't wait to see what you do with all of your treasures. I just love that you bought that recliner. $1!! That's crazy!!! And by the way, your neice is sooooo adorable!!

  7. Great finds! Your niece is adorable and I LOVE the name frame!

  8. I love your dollar finds, my Goodwill must be overpriced because I never find the good stuff for such deals like all my blogging buddies seem too!

    Where did you find your cork board that you use for projects like the one in your sidebar? I am having a hard time finding any.