Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas "JOY" Wooden Blocks - Christmas Card Holders

Here is an super easy Christmas decoration you can make this year!

I made these to display in my living room, and each block will hold a Christmas card this year. I made different blocks to display pictures and Christmas cards around my home. They look really cute!

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So Lovely Creations


Materials needed:

2 X 4 piece of lumber (bought at Home Depot)
Acrylic paint
Scrapbook Paper
Wooden Dowel
Small clothespin
Wood glue
Mod Podge


1. Cut 3 - 5 1/2in pieces of wood.
2. Using sand paper, sand each piece until they are smooth.
3. Paint the sides and back of each piece of wood. Let dry. Give a second coat. Let dry. Sometimes you might need to give a 3rd coat ;)
4. Cut scrapbook paper to size. I cut them just a little smaller to fit in the front of the block.
5. Decoupage with the paper.
6. I use my cricut to cut the letters, but you can also trace and cut letters by hand.
7. Decoupage letter.
8. When everything is dry, I drill a hole at the top middle part of my block.
9. I put a little bit of wood glue in the drilled hole and place a 4in dowel in the hole.
10. Let dry for a couple of minutes. (10 min)
11. Glue the clothespin at the top of the dowel.
12. Place block with the back on the floor so clothespin wont move. Let dry (10 - 20 min)
13. Once dry and set, paint the dowel and clothespin.
14. Last step is to add the tulle and enjoy!

Personalized Wooden Blocks

I have been so busy with work and making these cute blocks! I had several custom orders and they are turning out really cute! I'm making different themed blocks. They are great to give as gifts for Christmas, birthday's or even to decorate kids rooms! If you would like to order a custom set, please visit my shop:

So Lovely Creations

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