Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas "JOY" Wooden Blocks - Christmas Card Holders

Here is an super easy Christmas decoration you can make this year!

I made these to display in my living room, and each block will hold a Christmas card this year. I made different blocks to display pictures and Christmas cards around my home. They look really cute!

Check them out at my shop:

So Lovely Creations


Materials needed:

2 X 4 piece of lumber (bought at Home Depot)
Acrylic paint
Scrapbook Paper
Wooden Dowel
Small clothespin
Wood glue
Mod Podge


1. Cut 3 - 5 1/2in pieces of wood.
2. Using sand paper, sand each piece until they are smooth.
3. Paint the sides and back of each piece of wood. Let dry. Give a second coat. Let dry. Sometimes you might need to give a 3rd coat ;)
4. Cut scrapbook paper to size. I cut them just a little smaller to fit in the front of the block.
5. Decoupage with the paper.
6. I use my cricut to cut the letters, but you can also trace and cut letters by hand.
7. Decoupage letter.
8. When everything is dry, I drill a hole at the top middle part of my block.
9. I put a little bit of wood glue in the drilled hole and place a 4in dowel in the hole.
10. Let dry for a couple of minutes. (10 min)
11. Glue the clothespin at the top of the dowel.
12. Place block with the back on the floor so clothespin wont move. Let dry (10 - 20 min)
13. Once dry and set, paint the dowel and clothespin.
14. Last step is to add the tulle and enjoy!

Personalized Wooden Blocks

I have been so busy with work and making these cute blocks! I had several custom orders and they are turning out really cute! I'm making different themed blocks. They are great to give as gifts for Christmas, birthday's or even to decorate kids rooms! If you would like to order a custom set, please visit my shop:

So Lovely Creations

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Personalized Wooden Blocks - Great for Christmas gifts!

Michaels.com is having a handmade holiday contest! You have to create a creative gift under $20.
I submitted my elegant desk organizer!

Please vote for me!

Michaels Photo Entry - Elegant Monogram Desk Organizer

Is anyone else participating in this contest? If you are, please let me know! I would love to see your projects! :)

These are some of the cute blocks I've been making to give as gifts this Christmas!
Aren't they cute? I loved how they turned out.

You can also visit my shop if you would like to purchase.

So Lovely Creations

They are really easy to make.
They are made out of wood.

I hand cut each piece of wood.
Then I sand the wood make it all nice and smooth.
Paint. Let it dry. 2nd coat of paint. Maybe even a third. Thin coats.
Using Mod Podge, glue pretty coordinating scrapbook paper or use the same for all blocks.
Drill hole on top.
Glue dowel and clothespin.
Let the glue dry completely otherwise you will have broken dowels.
Add tulle. Embellish.
Paint wooden vase and glue.
Cut out matching paper photo mats.
Ta-da! you are done! :)

You will have one of a kind personalized wooden blocks.
I made these for my friends who are getting married soon. Lua is their last name. I am also making some matching frames.

These Natalie and Karen blocks I made them for my nieces. I have not finished them completely. I will add dowels for photos and a lot of tulle! :) Maybe even some glitter.

Brown and Pink Damask with white

These "Johan" blocks are for my nephew who will be born in Dec. I am so excited! I am thinking of using them for the baby shower and having the ultrasound pictures for each block. Wouldn't that be cute!

I made these cute antique crackle set for my friends newborn daughter. I loved how these turned out. It will go in her room perfectly!

This "K" block I made for a friend of mine who I use to work with. She is a great person! This was her little birthday gift I made her!

Well, I hope you are getting tons of ideas for gift giving this Christmas! Go handmade! :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm back sharing this cute desk organizer!!

Hello everyone! I have missed you all! I've been absent for more than a month! I know.. long time!!! Tough times...For now, please keep our family in your prayers. I would really appreciate it. We are going through some difficult times. We have faith everything will be all right. Also if you can, please pray that my dad finds a job SOON! He lost his job 4 months ago and it has been really really tough! Thank you for the sweet emails and comments you left! :)

I had a little of extra time today and motivation to do a little cute project. I created a desk organizer. You know what its made out of? Canvas, scrap paper and PVC couplings! It turned out so cute! Here is some pictures I took while making the organizer. (Sorry about the pictures, dont know why they turned out so dark)


8 X 10 canvas
1 - - 3in PVC coupling
2 -- 2in PVC couplings
1 -- 1 1/4in PVC coupling
Coordinating scrapbook paper
4 ball knobs ( 1 1/4in ; 3/16in hole)
1 square wooden cube ( 3/4in)
1 small clothespin
spray adhesive
acrylic paint
glue gun
embellishment ( tulle, ribbon, jewels)

1. Paint Canvas.
2. Measure PVC couplings and cut paper according to size.

3. Paint the top of couplings and glue paper on. I used a pretty black and cream script pattern for the PVC couplings.

4. Glue ribbon at the top of all PVC couplings.
5. Glue a coordinating paper at the top of canvas. I normally used a 6 X 8 paper, but in this case I used a smaller one. Its up to you really! (Black and cream scroll)

6. Glue the 4 ball knobs to the bottom of the canvas. The ones I bought have a flat side which makes it easier to glue.

Ta-daaaaaaa!! Final piece is finished! Actually no its not. I just didn't have the rest of the materials I needed. You can see a final piece if you scroll down (pink and black)
I bought a 3 X 5 acrylic frame and glued to the front part of my canvas. I used it to personalize and to add a post-it pad. I will for sure finish this tomorrow! I also added a decoupaged clothes pin to hold photos or notes.
You can decorate pens to match your organizer and they will look very very cute!

Now what you do is add beans, or rice inside each PVC coupling and its perfect to hold pretty pens and pencils! Here is one of the finished organizers I did for a teacher I am working with. Isn't it cute!? Ohh.. I love them!

This is the acrylic frame that I glued upside down to hold my post-it notepad.

This is the clothespin glued to the cube to hold pictures or notes.

Here is another one I did for another teacher. You will never lose another pen with this organizer! :) Hope you enjoy! I dare you to try it! If you do, I would love to see pictures so I can post on my blog! Thanks!
I am posting this on Do It Yourself day @ A Soft Place to Land

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I believe in Magic !

One of my all time favorite Disney cartoons (and Disneyland ride ha.. ha...) is Peter Pan. I love everything about Peter Pan. I believe in Magic!

Have I mentioned my nieces 1st birthday is coming up soon and we are doing a Tinkerbell theme party? Yes, a Tinkerbell party! How exciting is that! My mind is just going crazy on all the things we are going to do. I started making these cute Tinkerbell fairy wands as party favors for the little girls. They are turning out great! I just wanted to show you how easy they are to make. You could make them for a party or with your daughters ( I dont think the boys will like this ha..)


Wooden dowels (3/16" X 12")
Wooden Stars ( 3" )
Curling Ribbon ( 2 different colors)
Pixie Dust a.k.a Glitter :)
Acrylic Paints
Foam Brushes
3D Paint ( optional)

1. Paint the wooden dowels and let dry. The curling ribbon spools were perfect to hold the dowels while they dried.

2. While paint is drying, using your foam brush cover the stars with white elmers glue.

3. Sprinkle with pixie dust!

4. Once everything is dry, glue the star at the top of dowel. I glued the dowel approximately an inch behind the star.

5. Cut 4 - 24" pieces of curling ribbon and tie in a knot under the star.
(Please let your children know they are not cookies and they are not too eat! They do look like cookies! ha..ha..)

6. Using your scissors, curl the ribbon.

You could leave the Tinkerbell fairy wand like this or you could add more embellishment. Its up to you. You can also Paint the star instead of gluing glitter. I just love how the glitter looks.

I added dots using 3D paint on the star and glued a Tinkerbell embellishment on the dowel. Really there is so many things you could do. On the left I used purple paint and pink glitter and used the opposite colors on the right. Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did making them. 5 down 10 more to go! :)

P.S. I am thinking of making Peter Pan hats for the boys. What do you think? Ive been looking for patterns on how to make it but found nothing. I might have to come up with something!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Show us your life Wedding Dress

Hey everyone! I have been out of the country for over a week now and having the greatest time. While I was here I did not feel good. I went to the hospital and had all kinds of exams done. They did find out I had asthma, which I had no idea that would be the problem. Thank God everything is under control and I am taking my medication. How are you guys doing¿
I will be back home in a couple of days.
Kelly .@ Kellys Korner is having a Show us your life Wedding Dress. Here are some pictures of our wedding day. It is from Maggie Sottero Victoriana Wedding Gown. It is beautiful. It was a big dress which I loved. It was strapless, corset style.Everyone loved it. I still have my dress at home. Im wondering, what did you do with your dress.
Enjoy the pictures and I will be back home soon!