Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Praying for Harper

I dont know if you have seen the "Praying for Harper" button on the right of my blog, but if you have you have to visit Kelly's page and leave her a nice comment. Also, please if you can join in prayer for Kelly, Harper and their family. She was born on January 16th! She had some trouble breathing so they had to take Harper to NICU. Last thing I read from Kellys blog is that she is doing much better. You have no idea how much I have been praying for this family. Harper is adorable!

If you need prayer, please let me know!

Kelly's Korner

I've been reading Kelly's blog for a while now and I decided to make a cute name sign for Harper. It turned out so cute! It was a long process from start to finish. It probably took me 4 days because of drying time. I will ship it out maybe tomorrow! Hope Harper likes it! :)

Much love,

Cant decide.. help please!

Really, I thought I had no decorations for my entry table, but take a look! I dont even know where all of this came from, but its here! Look at the frame how beautiful it looks! I got some wedding pictures yesterday and I immediately put them up. I couldn't wait to see wedding pictures in our home! I had a little hard time choosing which pictures to put up! We have exactly 859 wedding pictures our photographer took. I love the orange color how it pops out! A splash of color!

So here is the problem. I love this look for the table, but is it too much? I really dont have much decoration around the house, so it seems this is fine. What do you think?

Or is less better? You have no idea how many times I changed the decoration around trying to figure out how to decorate the table. Please help. I really love both, but cant decide.

I have to share this. The books I decorated with are 105 years old! They are falling apart but I love them! They were originally $70 at the Thrift store, but I only got them for $1. It was a sale that was going on. I love the look and smell!

I took pictures of different angles just to show you I dont have much decoration around. Any comment will be appreciated! Thanks!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meet Moi

I am so happy! I finally printed some of our wedding pictures! This is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken right before the ceremony started. I love it so much because I was just sitting down in the Brides room, relaxing, saying a little prayer and the photographer took this picture right before walking out. I love it! I need to share the great pictures that were taken by Tawnya from Beauty of Life Photography. She is amazing!

I love every single picture that was taken! Im a little afraid choosing what pictures to make enlargements of because I like them all! You might come to my house and see wedding pictures everywhere just because I couldn't make up my mind!

So, here is a picture of me!


My prayer for you :)

Dear God:

The lady reading this

is beautiful, classy and

strong, and I love


Help her live her life to

the fullest.

Please promote her and

cause her to excel above her expectations.

Help her shine in the

darkest places where it is impossible to love.

Protect her at all

times, lift her up when she needs you the most,


let her know when she

walks with you,

She will always be


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Faux Leather Entry Way Table

I am not even finish with this project but I had to share! Its turning out beautiful! So just to let you know, its not completely finish. When its completely finish I will post pictures!

So Saturday my husband and I woke up around 9:30 a.m. We were really tired. We said good morning to each other and then I said, "lets go to yard sales"? I laughed, my husband laughed and then he said "yeah, lets go"! Let me tell you, I am glad we went because I finally found what I have been looking for so long! I found this beautiful dresser at a yard sale for only $5! Yes, thats right, five dollars. I knew the moment I saw it, that it would be perfect as an entry table. Of course, I thought about painting and wanted a cool look for the top.

The dresser had been decoupaged with white tissue paper and I loved the look. It was just a little dirty and it needed to be sanded. The texture was great, the size was perfect the details aaaah.. love the details!

Today in the morning, my husband and I woke up and immediately began working on our project. I was excited! Even princess, our Chihuahua was excited! Look at her! How funny, she closed her eyes when I was taking the picture!

I love the details in this dresser!

My husband used the blower to clean it off a little! The people who I bought this from used to own a store. The girl told me they used this dresser as a make up display!

I know I could've went the easy way and use spray paint, but I wanted this dresser to match the wall behind our t.v. so we used sponge brushes.

Once I finished painting, I knew I wanted the top to have a cool look. I didn't want to paint it, I wanted to decoupage. If you noticed in all the pictures on top, I used brown craft paper to use at the bottom to avoid bigger messes. A couple of weeks ago, I bought a huge roll of craft paper and I use it for all my crafts. I thought, how would it look if I decoupage on top of the dresser? I didn't think twice and I did it! This is a tricky step. I didn't have much mod podge and it was difficult. I probably had 1/4 left, and I barely made it! You have to make sure to have enough glue for the paper to stick, and then enough glue to put on top. I squeezed that sucker mod podge till the last drop! For this step, it is much better to use your hands than the sponge. Beware, this project is messy! :) After it dries, give it a good couple of coats of clear varnish.

Here are some pictures of the table in my living room. It is still not complete, but it looks so nice I couldn't wait to share. It really looks like leather! It looks like we paid tons of money, when we only spent $5. Wow.. this amazes me! :) I am happy!

Look how the clear varnish turned out?

They are not the best pictures, but just wanted to give you an idea. We don't have much lighting in our living room! Working on it! I ordered my wedding pictures and they will go in the frame on top. Cant wait to see final results! Please, leave me comments and if you have done a project similar to this one, please share! I love to see what other people have done!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nice Backsplash

A while ago, my husband and I decided to design and put our own backsplash in our kitchen. I'm not kidding, at 2:00 a.m, we decided to begin our kitchen project. Who in the world decides to work on a kitchen project, during Saturday at 2:00 a.m.? Of course, us! :) We were just excited and the sooner we saw the final result, the better. I came up with the design and my husband did most of the work. I helped a little too! :) Total project cost was about $70, not bad at all! The final result was great! We loved how it turned out. Next kitchen project, staining the cabinets! Wish us luck!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Easy Valentine's Project

So many great things you can find at the Dollar Store! I went today and found the cutest heart picks and a plain wreath to decorate. I had a beautiful thick red Christmas ribbon and thought, this could be perfect for a valentines wreath.

This is our first Valentines as a married couple and the first Valentines to own a house but I don't think I will be decorating for Valentines. I'm trying to finish my craft room and our bedroom and there is no time to decorate for Valentines. I did want to make something simple to decorate our door. I made a cute whimsical Valentines wreath! It turned out really cute! This project was less than $3. I love the finish look of tulle! So cute! Im wondering, do you decorate for Valentines? If so, what kind of decorations do you use?

My Green Room "Laundry Room"

When we bought our house, I was so excited for having my own laundry room. I always said, if I have my own laundry room, I have to paint it green. Believe it or not, this was the first room I painted and decorated! I was so excited! Not so much for washing, but for having my own laundry room! :) Guess what, I bought the green paint, bought baskets to organize, bought my ironing board and an organizer and at last, my husbands parents bought us the washer and dryer.

Few days later, it looked like......

this! It looks so pretty and green! I love the green for this room! Its so calm and relaxing. It just makes you want to wash and wash every day! LOL...
So what do you think? Relaxing? Im thinking of making some changes, so come back soon!

My Tuscany Inspired Kitchen...

I love how my kitchen has turned out so far. I went to Europe a couple of years ago and just fell in love! My husband and I got married on March 27, 2008 and got our house keys on March 29, 2008. Two days after our wedding! We were so blessed to get our house. Here are some pictures of our before kitchen and after! Enjoy!

We took this picture before we bought the house. Not my dream kitchen, but we will get there I said! I love house projects!

We took this picture in June of 2008. We had put the tile ad added a few plants.

This is the latest picture I took of our kitchen in December 2008. Big difference? We painted the kitchen. Cost, free. We got the paint for free! We added a nice chandelier that we got at a yard sale for $5. Mostly of all the decorations here we received them as presents for our wedding. My husband parent's gave us the dining set as a wedding gift. The tile we bought at a yard sale for $60. We had so much tile, we added some in the guest bathroom and our bathroom.

Here are some pictures of us taking the vinyl floor off, and putting tile. Look at my husband, such a working man! :) This was the first time he had put tile, and he did a very good job!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dress up your corkboard

Little by little I have been organizing and decorating my craft room and its coming out really nice! I am looking for inexpensive ways to decorate my room. All my projects have been easily less than $5.

The other day my husband and I went to Savers in search of items to use in my craft room. My husband found this old and simple cork board and bought it for me. Its a good size cork board, but poor thing it needed a huge makeover!

So with a little help of fabric, ribbon, glue gun , i love you glue gun :) ..... and buttons, it went from this.......

to this.......... What do you think? Pretty isn't it??

Here is a tutorial of how simple it is to make this project.

I bought this beautiful fabric at Hobby Lobby. I love scrolls if you can tell!

I measured the board and cut the fabric. Make sure you leave an extra 2 inches to staple the fabric.

Staple the fabric all the way around.

I looked for some buttons and flowers to dress up the cork board a little more.

I used buttons, and glass beads to make push pins. So easy... and so cute...

and wah-laaaahhh.. you have a beautiful, elegant flirty corkboard! The brown ribbon was a little extra to keep my push pins there. Its easier to see them and they dress up the board really cute! What do you think? Cute?? Go ahead, I dare you to make one! Its so simple! :)

Project Price:

Cork board $1.99
Fabric $3
Embellishment $1
Making your room pretty, PRICELESS

Much Love,