Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cant decide.. help please!

Really, I thought I had no decorations for my entry table, but take a look! I dont even know where all of this came from, but its here! Look at the frame how beautiful it looks! I got some wedding pictures yesterday and I immediately put them up. I couldn't wait to see wedding pictures in our home! I had a little hard time choosing which pictures to put up! We have exactly 859 wedding pictures our photographer took. I love the orange color how it pops out! A splash of color!

So here is the problem. I love this look for the table, but is it too much? I really dont have much decoration around the house, so it seems this is fine. What do you think?

Or is less better? You have no idea how many times I changed the decoration around trying to figure out how to decorate the table. Please help. I really love both, but cant decide.

I have to share this. The books I decorated with are 105 years old! They are falling apart but I love them! They were originally $70 at the Thrift store, but I only got them for $1. It was a sale that was going on. I love the look and smell!

I took pictures of different angles just to show you I dont have much decoration around. Any comment will be appreciated! Thanks!



  1. I love the table, and the pictures.. but together, its too much. I would suggust finding a new spot for the table based upon the other pictures. it looks a bit cluttered.

  2. I think less is more. That table is beautiful!!! I would do the second option with less items.

  3. Here's a voice of dissent. :o) I like the "more" version. The photos are so small, they blend into one overall piece of art from anything more than arm's-length, so the larger pieces on the table give you something to look at from a distance.

    Either way is lovely, so go with what makes you happiest. (You can always change it ever so often. ;o)

  4. Hmmm, By itself I like the "more", but when I see the whole living room, I like the less a bit better. But I really think the little metal basket thing next to the table should stay. I like it!

    But I also agree with Annalea, do what makes you happy! They both look great! :o)

  5. Hi Martha! I really like option two. I like the more simple look and I think it suits that area best.