Friday, January 9, 2009

Tutu Wall Letters

Oh my... I've tried going to Hobby Lobby and not buy one thing, but guess what I cant!!! Even if they paid me to go to the store and not buy anything, I wouldn't be able to do it! I love that store! One of my favorite stores. They just opened one less than a mile from my house. Im there almost every day! Even employees know me! :] I dont know if that is good or bad!

Anyways, I went today and bought these large wooden letters. They are not that thick but look perfect on the wall! They are 9.5 inches tall. I bought different kinds of brown and pink patterned paper and decoupaged the each letter. I finally added tulle as embellishment and also to hang on the wall. I love how they turned out! I will put them up tomorrow, and hopefully my niece will like them! Like Im going to know if she does, she is only 4 months! Ive added them to my shop!

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