Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who has a round bed???

We do!!! :) It is 7 ft in diameter and its the most comfortable bed I have ever owned! My husband is 6'1 and he sleeps so comfortable. No back pain, we sleep all night and take long naps! The only bad thing is, it has no headboard and cant seem to find a nice bedding set for our bed. Actually, we have no bedding set. I once found a web page where they do custom bedding but it came out to be more than $500! :0 I understand its custom, but it was way too much money to pay.
I've been reading a lot of blogs, and I am really motivated to start organizing my house and decorating. I am doing a great job!

I really want to share this idea because it was inexpensive, easy and it turned out very nice!

Yesterday, I found an old bed skirt in my house. I think it was a full. I loved the colors and the design. It goes with our master bedroom decorations.

I cut the bed skirt all the way around. I had a long strip of fabric.

This is our round bed! :) The green sheet is the one that came with the bed. This will definetely be my next project, dying the sheet to match our room! How fun!

I placed the bed skirt all the way around our bed. To tell you the truth, it only went maybe 3/4 around the bed! haha.. but come on, who is going to see the back? You cant even tell! Well, now you will know! I tried using the staple gun, but it wouldn't work. So I had to use what any other crafty girl would use, the magical glue gun! Yes, I used a glue gun to glue the bed skirt to the bed sofas! Hey, it worked perfectly!

Here is a close up of the pattern of the bed skirt. I love it!

Here is the final picture I took after putting the bed skirt and the round mattress. The next step is to dye the bed sheet and buy more pillows!

This is the style I am going for. I will try to finish this project this weekend! Wish me luck! Pictures coming soon!


  1. That is awesome!! A round bed!!! I love it! My dog would think it is "his" bed if I did that!!

    Jessica lynn

  2. How would you decorate the rest of the room? I want a round bed, but I want to furnish the rest of the room too!

  3. Hi,
    Ok i finally broke down and purchased my round bed yesterday after looking at it at Ikea for over 2 years and watching the price increase by $200. Im thinking of doing a zen/japaneese garden sorta feel in my bedroom less the mosquito netting. Any ideas send them my way thanks.

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