Saturday, January 17, 2009

How will they turn out?

I just came back from several yard sales they had in our neighborhood and this is what I found. Sometimes you buy things, and you really don't have a clue what to do with them. Other times, as soon as you see something, you know what you are doing!

I knew exactly what I was going to do with these items! They are not in the best shape, but with a little make over they will turn out great! :) I am all ready working on these great finds. Come back soon for "after" pictures!

I found this at the goodwill store for $2.

This is supposed to be a desk name holder, but not no more! Got it for 25 cents!

This is a really cute wooden tray, but it needs a huge makeover. Its old, and not the best pattern for my craft room. I have the perfect idea for this! Paid only 25 cents for this! I love yard sales!

Now this is the project I am really excited about. I got all 10 stainless knobs for only 1.00 at a yard sale and the wood for 50 cents. Cant wait for you to see this transformation! Can you guess what I am going to make?

As soon as I saw this piece I had to have it. It was only 1.00. It's old, dirty, not in the best shape but has the most beautiful details. Its made out of wood and its heavy. I just washed it and I am ready to give it a face lift! :)

Now, this little hanger is just so cute! I found it at the goodwill for $2. I really have no clue what this is for. I have the perfect idea what its going to be! A ribbon organizer! It just needs some paint, embellishments, and the ribbon! Posting pictures soon!

I love this piece! Doesn't it look like its metal! Guess what? Its not! Its plastic. At first when I saw it, it seemed it was going to be really heavy. So I tightened my muscles to pick it up, man, that thing almost flew out of my hands because its so light!
I love it!

These frames are not the best frames ever, but they will be pretty soon! They are made out of plastic and are very lightweight. I bought these for $1 a piece.
They have the prettiest detail!

So Im working on a few projects right now, come back soon to check what I did with these great finds!

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