Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm back sharing this cute desk organizer!!

Hello everyone! I have missed you all! I've been absent for more than a month! I know.. long time!!! Tough times...For now, please keep our family in your prayers. I would really appreciate it. We are going through some difficult times. We have faith everything will be all right. Also if you can, please pray that my dad finds a job SOON! He lost his job 4 months ago and it has been really really tough! Thank you for the sweet emails and comments you left! :)

I had a little of extra time today and motivation to do a little cute project. I created a desk organizer. You know what its made out of? Canvas, scrap paper and PVC couplings! It turned out so cute! Here is some pictures I took while making the organizer. (Sorry about the pictures, dont know why they turned out so dark)


8 X 10 canvas
1 - - 3in PVC coupling
2 -- 2in PVC couplings
1 -- 1 1/4in PVC coupling
Coordinating scrapbook paper
4 ball knobs ( 1 1/4in ; 3/16in hole)
1 square wooden cube ( 3/4in)
1 small clothespin
spray adhesive
acrylic paint
glue gun
embellishment ( tulle, ribbon, jewels)

1. Paint Canvas.
2. Measure PVC couplings and cut paper according to size.

3. Paint the top of couplings and glue paper on. I used a pretty black and cream script pattern for the PVC couplings.

4. Glue ribbon at the top of all PVC couplings.
5. Glue a coordinating paper at the top of canvas. I normally used a 6 X 8 paper, but in this case I used a smaller one. Its up to you really! (Black and cream scroll)

6. Glue the 4 ball knobs to the bottom of the canvas. The ones I bought have a flat side which makes it easier to glue.

Ta-daaaaaaa!! Final piece is finished! Actually no its not. I just didn't have the rest of the materials I needed. You can see a final piece if you scroll down (pink and black)
I bought a 3 X 5 acrylic frame and glued to the front part of my canvas. I used it to personalize and to add a post-it pad. I will for sure finish this tomorrow! I also added a decoupaged clothes pin to hold photos or notes.
You can decorate pens to match your organizer and they will look very very cute!

Now what you do is add beans, or rice inside each PVC coupling and its perfect to hold pretty pens and pencils! Here is one of the finished organizers I did for a teacher I am working with. Isn't it cute!? Ohh.. I love them!

This is the acrylic frame that I glued upside down to hold my post-it notepad.

This is the clothespin glued to the cube to hold pictures or notes.

Here is another one I did for another teacher. You will never lose another pen with this organizer! :) Hope you enjoy! I dare you to try it! If you do, I would love to see pictures so I can post on my blog! Thanks!
I am posting this on Do It Yourself day @ A Soft Place to Land