Sunday, November 15, 2009

Personalized Wooden Blocks - Great for Christmas gifts! is having a handmade holiday contest! You have to create a creative gift under $20.
I submitted my elegant desk organizer!

Please vote for me!

Michaels Photo Entry - Elegant Monogram Desk Organizer

Is anyone else participating in this contest? If you are, please let me know! I would love to see your projects! :)

These are some of the cute blocks I've been making to give as gifts this Christmas!
Aren't they cute? I loved how they turned out.

You can also visit my shop if you would like to purchase.

So Lovely Creations

They are really easy to make.
They are made out of wood.

I hand cut each piece of wood.
Then I sand the wood make it all nice and smooth.
Paint. Let it dry. 2nd coat of paint. Maybe even a third. Thin coats.
Using Mod Podge, glue pretty coordinating scrapbook paper or use the same for all blocks.
Drill hole on top.
Glue dowel and clothespin.
Let the glue dry completely otherwise you will have broken dowels.
Add tulle. Embellish.
Paint wooden vase and glue.
Cut out matching paper photo mats.
Ta-da! you are done! :)

You will have one of a kind personalized wooden blocks.
I made these for my friends who are getting married soon. Lua is their last name. I am also making some matching frames.

These Natalie and Karen blocks I made them for my nieces. I have not finished them completely. I will add dowels for photos and a lot of tulle! :) Maybe even some glitter.

Brown and Pink Damask with white

These "Johan" blocks are for my nephew who will be born in Dec. I am so excited! I am thinking of using them for the baby shower and having the ultrasound pictures for each block. Wouldn't that be cute!

I made these cute antique crackle set for my friends newborn daughter. I loved how these turned out. It will go in her room perfectly!

This "K" block I made for a friend of mine who I use to work with. She is a great person! This was her little birthday gift I made her!

Well, I hope you are getting tons of ideas for gift giving this Christmas! Go handmade! :)


  1. YOur stuff is so cute & creative! I love it all!

  2. I love these blocks!! Where do you find the blocks you are using?


  3. I love! What a great idea and looks more than $20, which is awesome!