Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Your writing into a font

You have to visit Kevin and Amandas Blog. Its awesome! Amanda has some great stuff on her blog. Especially the free fonts! :)

You can send Amanda your writing and she will turn it into a font! I received mine a while ago but it was until today I learned how to install the font to my computer. I wanted the font so I could type and make my own recipe book. I downloaded my font and started typing all my recipes today. Its nice seeing your writing as a font. You can see here, this is the paper with my writing I sent Amanda. After installing the font, this is how my recipes turned out! Isn't this great! Much better than actually writing the recipes with pen! I am just putting recipes in clear protectors and in a 3 ring binder. As an index, I will have pictures! I will post pictures when I have it all together!
So now you know, if you want your writing turned into a font go and visit their blog.

Recipe from $5 dinners

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  1. That is so cool. I should totally sent my handwriting in. It would be great for my scrapbooks