Sunday, May 3, 2009

Naturally Home Decor

Remember this post?
Well I know I needed to create something else using the same items to give it that natural home decor.
I bought this beautiful tall vase at a yard sale for $1. Yeah I know, too plain right? Well not anymore!

Here are the items I used. I had a roll of jute cord, leftover coffee beans and lima beans from last project and my glue gun.

I did not plan my design before hand. I just started gluing and everything came together.
First, I glued the end of the jute cord and started wrapping around the glass vase. I kind of gave it that V shape in the front.

I had about 1 1/2in of jute cord glued, when I started gluing lima beans around. From here, you can do anything you want! You can add 2 layers of lima beans, 3 layers etc... Its up to you! Be creative! I only glued 2 layers of lima beans, then one layer of jute cord and one layer of coffee beans.

Here is a close up of the final project. Doesn't it look beautiful? I love the colors and texture!

I placed the "not so plain glass vase" in my entry table and added a few extra decorations.

So.. what do you think? Lovely isn't it! Its a very simple project, but you do need a lot of patience! It takes some time gluing bean by bean! I promise you will love final results. I dare you to try this! Very simple, inexpensive and so cute!


  1. Wow I love how the vase came out, the jute and beans are just something I'd never have thought to use. I like it, it looks like you bought it at an import store.

  2. I wasn't sure where you going with this at the begining but the finish product looks great. I can't believe how creative you.

  3. Oh how pretty! I love the natural elements you used. I'll be linking.

  4. I love the natural elements on your vase. How creative!