Thursday, April 16, 2009

Unique Candle Holder

I absolutely love candle holders! Especially pillar candle holders. I have many around the house and they look lovely.

I found this website where they sell beautiful home decor. I love it! The problem is, its a little expensive. Would you pay $150 - $400 for a set of candle holders? I don't know about you but I certainly cant!

I tried a little experiment of making my own candle holder and guess what? I loved it! Scroll down to read more. :)

So here is the candle holder I made. I wanted to use items I had at home, but too bad for me I couldn't find anything. I had to go to the store and buy some items. By looking at the picture, can you guess what its made out of? Could you?

Call me crazy but I made this out of coffee beans, Lima beans, Styrofoam and a thick plastic plate! It turned out so cute! I have all ready placed it on my entry way table and dining table to see how it looks; it looks fabulous! You really cant even tell what its made out of! It looks just as great as an expensive store bought candle holder. I am thinking of making some more candle holders (different heights) to decorate my entryway table! Pictures coming soon!

Mmmm.. wake up and smell the coffee! It really does smell great! Hazelnut.. yummy!

Testing, testing... 1 , 2... haha.. just giving myself an idea of how great they will look on my dining table.

Testing on my entryway table.

Here is a close up of the candle holder. If you want a unique handmade decor, you gotta try this! I dare you to try it! So simple, inexpensive and beautiful! Please share pictures if you decide to try this! :)
Take Care!

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  1. How darn creative!!!! Hazelnut coffee is the best! I had some today. Wonderfulness.