Thursday, April 30, 2009

Really..... $1 floor lamp???

You are not going to believe this! I went to Kirkland's earlier today looking for a floor lamp for the seating area in our room. Remember I told you I didn't want the T.V in our room and instead I wanted a seating area? Well its coming a long great! The floor lamps are beautiful at Kirkland's but the prices are not right for me at these moments. I was hoping to find a good deal, but the deal was not there. I was a little disappointed but I knew I would find something quick.

Oh boy oh boy... did it come quick! I took a trip to the Goodwill store and look what I found! This not so beautiful lamp with a lot of potential. I immediately thought " I could paint it, and cover the lamp shade with a pretty fabric etc... In matter of seconds I had everything planned out how I wanted it. So I check the price, and guess what.... the price was right! It was originally $7.99 / Week 14 tag. Today all week 14 tags were .99 cents! I quickly put it in the shopping cart. My husband was laughing at how funny it looked "driving" a shopping cart with a 5 1/2 tall lamp! ha.. I laughed at myself too!

I also found this pretty fabric (1 1/2 yd) for 1.99. It is beautiful!

How to cover lampshade:

I measured the lampshade and cut the fabric according to size.
I used spray adhesive (it works great)
I adhered the fabric to the lampshade and smoothed it out as much as I could. The fabric is kind of wrinkly!
I hot glued the fabric to the top and bottom of the lampshade.. and shazammm.. I had a beautiful elegant lampshade.

Its very simple! You should try it!

I took the lamp outside and gave it a little makeover with spray paint! I love spray paint! I choose "Espresso" color. Its like a rich chocolate color.

The middle part of the lamp started bubbling and I did not like how it was turning out as it dried. So I cut a long strip of the same fabric as the lampshade and glued it down.

Here is a close up of the lampshade. Isn't it beautiful? I love it!

Here is the final piece! So.. what do you think? Its amazing that spray paint and fabric can do so much! It looks like a brand new lamp!

I am still not done with the seating area but I just couldn't wait to show you how great it is looking.
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  1. Wow! Is pretty much all I can say! I was amazed enough that you got that lamp for $1. But then when you showed the transformation, I nearly fell off my chair!

    Well done, my dear!

    Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

  2. i heart spray paint!

    the reading corner is looking great!

  3. wow that turned out great. I think I should go to goodwill today. Thanks for sharing all your projects.

  4. That's so cool!!! I love your ideas and creativity!!! :)

  5. What a transformation! Wow!!! I just love the fabric you used. It's so nice. And I really like how you added the fabric to the pole. I haven't seen that before but really like it. You seating area is really coming together. Looks so cozy!