Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank you!

First of all, thank you for your prayers, kind messages and email's.
We were at the hospital all day yesterday. We spent a lot of time with Valerie, even though she slept the whole day. She wasn't doing so good. They needed to first control her blood sugar. We talked to the nurse before coming home and told us she was doing much better. It was very difficult being there. Again thank you for your prayers!

Last Friday was our 1st year anniversary. Time goes by so fast! One year since our wedding! Wow! I have loved every second of our marriage!
Friday I had a craft show at a school carnival close to our house. It was fun! I had the chance to meet great people. Everyone had nice comments to say about my creations! It really does feel great when people comment on items you create. It made me feel good! I sold a couple of items and had 2 custom orders. Not bad for a first timer!

Here is a picture we took with my table. Everything looked so cute!

My in-laws invited us to eat for our anniversary. I love them! Here is a picture I took on our way to the restaurant. I want to show off my beautiful clip hair I did! Isn't it cute?

Friday my husband came home with these beautiful roses, the most wonderful card and a gift card! I cried! I love him so much! They look so much like my hair clip!

Also, I wanted to show you my newest creations. This is my newest one! I love how it turned out! I bought a circle cutter at a yard sale for $1. I decided to try it yesterday. I went crazy cutting circles! I wasn't going to throw my paper circles away so I created this funky name art with them. I had bought this wooden plaque a while back, so I had everything I needed at home. What do you think? funky huh!

This was a custom order from Texas! Its a picture frame jewelry holder! I love how it turned out. You can never go wrong with turquoise and brown! Just beautiful! Customer loved it!

I created this to show at my craft show. This is a monogram hair bow holder. Its nice, simple and so cute!

Hope you like my creations. Thanks for visiting! Come back soon!


  1. Cute stuff!! Happy Anniversay!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love the funky name plaque!


  3. Martha, you've been so busy! My sister-n-law and I are busy making crafts for a local craft fair on May 9th. I'm so incredibly excited. We are making wooden signs, scrabble tile necklaces and wooden blocks. Things are turning out cute! Do you have any tips as far as selling for our first show? I havne't been online lately but want you to know that I have been praying for you and your family. Take care girl. And, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!