Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Nurseries

Yesterday, I found out one of my friends is having a baby and I am very excited! Baby News always makes me happy! Since she told me she is pregnant, I've been searching online for baby nurseries. I found Design Dazzle and it has the most beautiful baby nurseries ever. Very creative rooms. All pictures are from Design Dazzle. Check them out! Which one is your favorite?

"Room of the Month"
I love chandeliers in baby rooms!

"Mocha Brown"
I just love the colors in this room. You know how much I love pink and brown together!

"Mod Baby"

"Golf Nursery"
Look how cute the baby mobile is! Golf Balls!

"Black and White"
I love the zebra print crib set! Black and white always looks nice with some pink!

"French Toile"
Now, this room is lovely! I love the colors, I love the decoration everything is beautiful! I think this is the style my friend wants for her baby room.

"Jack and the Beanstalk"
How creative!

"Sophisticated Safari"
Wow! Thats all I got to say!

Again, pink and brown looks beautiful! I love the designs on the wall!

Which nursery is your favorite?


  1. omgosh! those nurseries are just incredible! love the jack and beanstalk painting!

  2. How fun!! I really like a couple: the pink/zebra print room, the pink and brown room and I happen to really like the mod one as well...but don't think I'd do that one as it's a bit too much for me. I want to go to that website. It looks so fun. Have you been to Rate My Space? They have baby nurserires on there as well.

  3. The are all so cute! I am about to start Tackling the babys nursery, so much fun!!!!

  4. I don't wanna pick a favorite {whining}.... they are all so fabulous! But I do really like the first one. The colors in the mod one are some of my favorites. And I LOVE the butterflies in the last one.

    You can bet I just love your post today!!

    I totally can't wait until I am far enough along to decorate the nursery. I feel like that is NEVER gonna happen. **Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best**