Thursday, February 12, 2009

Super Cute Valentines Box

I am still not feeling good but I took time to give you this great Valentines idea!

I made this cute paper box for my sister that is filled with candy and chocolates. Its easy to make but not easy to explain. So I will do my best to explain how to make it. I have included pictures for almost every step. If you decide to make one, let me know!


12 X 12 patterned scrapbook paper
glue stick
embellishment (flower, jewels etc)

1. Make sure you have a piece of paper that is squared.
Fold the paper in half from corner to corner.
Fold the piece in half again.

2. When you open the paper up, you should have 4 triangles.

3. Turn the paper print side face down and fold each corner to the center.

4. You should have something that looks like this! :)

5. You should see a line (fold) that goes along the middle, fold each side to the center so the paper touches the that line.

6. Once you fold both sides, it should look like this.

7. This next step is tricky. Unfold the sides. You see where I am holding the paper, you need to cut along that line and stop right after you cut the printed paper. If you use a 12 X 12 paper, you will maybe cut around 2 inches. Do this step for all 4 sides.

8. After cutting all 4 sides, fold each piece to the center. I have posted all 4 pictures that go in order.

9. Unfold the 2 flaps.

10. I used white glue because I didn't have any glue sticks at the moment. Please use glue sticks. They work much better.
Add glue to one of the flaps and glue in place.

11. Final step is to add glue to the other side and glue in place.

You would need to make another box, the same way to use as the cover.
I hope I did a good job explaining. Its much harder than I thought. I'm not feeling good, sorry! :( Hope it makes sense.

The final step is to embellish. This is a fun thing to do! Be creative! Use ribbons, buttons, rub ons, stickers, tulle, tags, pictures etc... There is so much you can do!
I used tulle ( of course), glitter and a paper flower. I added pink glitter to the flower. It looks so pretty!
I added tons of candy and chocolates inside!Perfect for Valentines! Hope my sister likes it!
I dare you to make one! :)
If you do, please post a comment. I want to check it out!


  1. Ok girl... I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now but I'm just now commenting :) I LOVE THIS BOX!!!! It is too cute. I'm thinking I'll be making some today. You have such cute ideas. I found your blog through your etsy shop because I noticed you had made some things similar to some gifts I had made! Anyway, love the blog and LOVE the gift box!


  2. There is a chance you will get this comment twice. I think blogger ate my first comment though. I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and am just now commenting. I LOVE THIS BOX! It is too cute. I'm definitely making some today! I found your blog through your etsy store. It caught my eye because you make some things similar to some gifts I've made. Anyway, I love your blog and I LOVE this box!


  3. OOO...oragami! You made this look so pretty. When I was younger, my aunt lived in Japan and she used to send me all kinds of books on oragami so I was always making boxes. Haven't in forever though! Your's is great.

    I made a project like yours....the jars with the paper wrapped around them. I even had a pile of that polka dot paper that you used and opted to go with that. I have a stack of it from a project I was going to do from our wedding but never got around to. Check out my blog to see it!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog!!! Your blog is fabulous!!! Love all your ideas!!!

  5. That is SO cute! I just love it. Your blog is great and I love your style. We have a lot of common interests =)

    Happy Valentines Day weekend!

  6. It's a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing it, I'll try to do one of this boxes.
    Have a nice Sunday :)

  7. I just found your blog tonight and I have to say you make some amazing things! I saw the box and thought... I think I can do that. Your instructions were great and my box is so cute! I just filled it with candy and a coupon for date night for my husband to find in the morning when he leaves for work!

    I am hosting a baby shower later this year for my best friend and think I will make a ton of these for decorations and party favors! Thank you so much for the idea and the tutorial!

  8. Hey girl!! I made a Fathers Day box using your instructions. :o) It was super easy, and I love the way it turned out. I posted pictures on my blog, if you wanna check it out. Thanks!!! :o)