Monday, February 23, 2009

Antique Store?

I was kind of bored Saturday morning I decided to drive around and visit local stores close to my house. I drove for a good 10 minutes down Main St. and found a great Antique store. I've been living here for almost a year and I did not know about this store! Im glad I found it! :)
I decided to stop by, not to buy anything but only to look around. Well guess what? I ended up buying two beautiful pieces. The best part, they were less than $10!

The first piece I bought is this beautiful shabby chic candle holder. It was originally $10 with 40% off, so I got it for only $6! I couldn't believe it! Its a good size candle holder too! I love the look on this candle holder, but it doesn't really match my other decoration around the house. So, you guessed it, spray paint time!

The second item I bought is this beautiful clock stand! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I seriously ran across the store to get it before someone else did! ha... I loved it so much once I saw the clock, it seemed the ladies around me saw it at the same time and wanted the clock too. Thanks to my long run, I got it! I was a little scared at first thinking, this must be a fortune! When I saw the price I couldn't believe it! It was only $10!
I am not kidding, I walked for about an hour around the store, and every 5 minutes I would look at the price tag just to make sure I was reading it correctly! I thought, maybe they wanted to write $100! It was only $10 though!

I still don't have a place for my clock stand but when I was looking where to place it, I realized I have several clocks around the house. I think I am in love with clocks!
Here are a few pictures of some of the clocks I have.

This was originally a clock, but I am using it for something else!

Just wanted to throw in a picture of our new baby palm tree! Isn't it cute?

Thanks for reading!
Have a great day!

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