Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Make your own magnets

As you know, I am organizing my craft room and making it more prettier! I am currently working on a magnet board to hang on the wall. ( I will post pictures soon) Since I will have a magnet board, of course I need magnets! Yesterday I went to the store, and found these big clear rocks. They are for decorating purposes but are perfect to make magnets! You can also make these to give as gifts! Here are the steps to make the magnets.

Materials Needed:

1in round paper punch
big clear rocks
scrapbook paper
glue gun

1. Using your paper punch, punch circles made out of different styles of paper.

2. Here you can see I punched several circles.

3. This could be the tricky step. Using your glue gun, put glue on the paper and position the rock on top. Put pressure so the glue can spread across the rock. Hold for about 5 seconds and pick up the rock. Its a tricky step because, if you use too much glue it will just be kind of messy. If you use to little glue, there wont be enough spread across the entire rock. You just need the right amount of glue. You will figure it out once you do a couple. I did this step on my piece of tile because the glue doesn't ruin your tile. Its easy to clean!

4. Last step is to glue a piece of magnet on the back and they are ready to use!

Here is the final project! They turned out really cute! I know they will look cute on my magnet board! Please leave your comments! If you have done this before, I would love to see them!


  1. You gotta have cute magnets for your board. Especially since it is in your craft room. I have supplies to make cute magnets. I will post when I finally get around to making them! :o)

  2. I made some of these for my sister-in-law for last years Christmas. I had put together a magnetic board and definatly needed some customized magnets. Yours turned out great!

  3. These are so cute!!! I am going to have to try this!!

  4. what a fun project! and the ribbon organizer is a great idea!

  5. Thanks for sharing...I always wondered how these were made. I bought some that had a quilt pattern on them. Now I can make my own.


  6. omg I am now addicted to your blog you are sooo creative :)

  7. Those are super cute. I've made them using elmer's glue and they turn out well also.

  8. The magnets are such a great idea! we had so many of these clear little rocks left over from our wedding(used for flower centre pieces). Finally I can reuse them! Thanks!