Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Re-purposing old frames

I haven't had a chance to post because we have been so busy with our house projects. My husband finally finished installing the wood floor. It looks beautiful! We finished painting my craft Diva room. Now, all there is left to do is decorate and make it pretty and super organized! Ive been also working on our bedroom and bathroom. Pictures coming soon! Theres just so much to do! :)

I finally found a way to decorate my table. I love that the table is not right under the frame. Sometimes making things a little bit different turn out ok. I'm usually the kind of person that likes everything to be straight, perfect and they definitely have to match. Now, I have decoration in my living room that don't necessarily match but they look beautiful! Being different and unique is O.K.

Last weekend we went to a couple of yard sales around our neighborhood and found this pretty frame for $1. I was originally going to use the frame to decorate in our bedroom, but used it for something different. I know have it in our living room!
Its so easy to make!
Buy any size frame. Paint the frame any color you'd like. I painted mine first with a black paint, I let it dry. Then I spray painted white and let it dry. I then sanded some parts of the frame and it gave it a cool distressed look. Then decorate the glass with any embellishment you have. I used silk flowers, crystal stickers and glitter. There is so much embellishment you can use: ribbon, stickers, paper, stamps, acrylic, charms be creative! I think it turned out great! I dare you to make one! :)

I promise it wont take that long and the results will be great! This is a great way to re-purpose old frames you have around the house! I did not make the frame for these pictures. I am just waiting to get my other wedding prints.

Hope you have enjoyed this easy fun project!


  1. Wow, awesome! I love re-purposing old frames for my artwork. I frequent thrift stores for mine. Nice job!

  2. Ooh, I love this! Great idea.

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Have a good one,

  3. I love that! What a great job you did!


  4. I really like how the table isn't directly under the frame. You are right, it's good to be different...and, it makes each element stand out so much more.

    Thanks for the frame idea! I've actually got a frame hanging on my wall right now that I've already done that painting treatment to...but I have been CLUELESS as to waht to put in the frame. Haha, it's just hanging there with nothing in it. I love what you did with your wedding photos!