Monday, February 9, 2009

Look, what a difference!

Since we bought our house, we did not like the carpet. We hadn't had the time or money to do something about it. Well Friday night, my husband was looking on craigslist for wood floor. He came across a posting about a lady that was selling 500 sq. ft. and needed to sell asap. He contacted her and they talked for a while. She was asking $900 at first for all 500 sq.ft. plus the foam. I guess they really needed the money because at midnight, she called again telling my husband that for $500 he could have all 500 sq. ft of wood floor plus foam. Thats less than $1 per sq.ft. /plus the foam. Well there we were, Friday night around midnight driving to Phoenix to pick it up. Once we got there, the lady was telling us they really needed the money to buy a car. I guess their car broke down. It worked out perfect for both!

We got home around 2 a.m. My husband couldn't wait and started ripping out the carpet.

The next morning, he finished all of our living room and the hallway. Believe it or not, he worked 13 hours straight putting the floor. He rarely took a break. When I got home, he was tired! I mean tired! His hands were red! It payed off because it looks great! I think he did a great job! It looks way better than the carpet! It looks nicer and cleaner.

Another happy fun day!

Enjoy the pictures!

This is the huge bulk I had to climb to get to the kitchen! It was a work out! :)


  1. It looks GREAT!! and go Hubby with you bad self!!

  2. Looks great we replaced our carpet with wood when I was pregnany with my first son, I love it!!! I will never go back to carpet again.

    I love the way your hubby is kicked back on the couch after a ob well done lol!

  3. The wood floor looks great! You have one motivated hubby to start tackling that project at 2 a.m.