Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shabby Block and a prayer

So, what do you think? Ive seen some of these initial blocks on etsy, but I never found a block I had in mind. So I decided to make one myself. It takes a while because I cut the wood, sand, prime, paint, decoupage, let it dry in between coats and paint again. Plus I have to finish with a coat of varnish for the final touch. I think it turned out great though! All that time was worth it! I am thinking this could be great to give as gifts! They really look wonderful! I love the wrinkly look! I post this block on etsy, hopefully I could sell some.

One little thing before I finish this post. Just wanted to ask for your prayers. I haven't worked as much as I would like to. Work is a little slow. I just received an email saying they are lowering our pay due to economic crisis! Its not much, but does make a difference. I still have no insurance. I love my job, but I am working less and less. I only worked 2 days this week :( where normally I worked all 5 days. Please, if you can, please pray for me that my job gets a little better. It makes me so sad watching the news of families who lost their homes, their jobs, people who are committing suicide because they cant keep up. Its hard. Its emotional. We have to be strong, and pray that everything will be all right. I pray every day that everything will get better.

God listened to my prayers last week! I was praying to sell some of the things I do to cover at least one of the days I didn't work and I had 6 orders! Wow! That was great! God is so good! Hopefully I could sell some more stuff!

Thank you girls! I really appreciate your nice comments! They make my day! :)

Have a great day!


  1. I will definatly keep you in my prayers. This tough economic time is just so difficult. You can hear about all the thousands of people loosing their jobs but when you put a face to it, it really hits home. I will absolutely keep you in my prayers girl.

    Your blocks are amazing!! Truly, the best I've seen. Do you ship to Canada?

  2. Wow you are subbing and not working every day! Usually there is a lot of need for subs, or at least there was back in the day. Maybe with a lot of people out of work more are try to sub. Usually I find these people don't make great ones! Hopefully some of the teachers you worked for will request you and you'll get more work too.
    Aren't you covered under your husband's insurance! I'm sorry you have to worry about that, what a pain.
    I am glad you've had some orders on Etsy and I'll pray for you for sure. You're blocks are sure to sell they are so cute!

  3. Love the block! You should definitely sell those. I'm so thankful that the Lord is providing through your business. I can totally relate to the stress of these tough economic times, but I just have to keep reminding myself to trust that the Lord will take care of us and provide for our needs.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Martha,
    Thanks for coming by for a visit. I'm slowly getting back to all of you. =))

    Love your counter tops. Is that top coat the 'stuff' you pour on that makes a think coat on it??

    And, Re Your block "M", is the background crackled? or is it crinkled paper??
    Or, am i asking too many questions.

    Blessings, and glad i found you.
    Barbara Jean