Friday, March 13, 2009

Cirlces.. oh circles...

While I was looking through, I found this beautiful hand painted wall decor. I immediately fell in love with it. I love the shapes, patterns and colors. This would look great in my living room!

I really liked how the shape of the decoration looked. Circles oh circles! They look lovely! Knowing that my craft room still needs wall decor, a light bulb went on!
I said to myself, I need to figure out a way to have a similar decoration for my room for less than $15. I thought, and I thought. And thought some more! Then all of a sudden it came to me! Embroidery hoops are round and Hobby Lobby sells fabric! So I drove to Hobby Lobby, saw that the fabric was on sale and purchased a few embroidery hoops. The final project is great! I love it! My room is looking better every day! Here is a quick tutorial of how to do these beautiful decorations.

Materials Needed:

Different sizes of embroidery hoops
Acrylic paint
Foam brush
Different patterns of fabric
Glue gun

1. Paint the outside hoop. Let dry. Pick a color that will contrast the wall color.
I painted my hoops white, and they look great against the brown wall.

2. Cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the hoops. Join both hoops together. Tighten the hoop screw. ( I dont know how you call it )

3. Cut around the fabric leaving around 1/4 in.

4. Here I have all my hoops ready to be completed.

5. The piece of fabric you left will be glued to the inside hoop. The easiest way is to use a glue gun.

Here is the final project! Don't you just love these! In this picture, the walls look a little lighter. The white hoop makes a huge difference. Its nice that while I am blogging I am also looking at my beautiful art that inspires me. Its a simple project, inexpensive and beautiful! I dare you to try it! :) Enjoy!


  1. How cute! That would be a great project for a kids room too.. I may just copy when I redo my daughter's room this summer.

  2. How cute. I am going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh so wonderful!! Girl, I wish I could have an ounce of your creativity. I went today to buy my candle stick for the post about your fruit bowl holder. Our Michaels is double what it is in the States and it was $5. I just couldn't justify the $5 this week without my 40% off coupon. But gosh, I hope to next week!

  4. I like the fabric choices so fun and bright, I saw a variation by Katie Brown but you picked much better fabrics so yours look way more fun!

  5. This is great! I need inexpensive art for my daughter's room.