Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Milk Glass

Love it or hate it? I personally love it! I bought these beautiful pieces at an antique store today. I didn't know milk glass could be so expensive! I have my eye on a beautiful milk glass bowl but its $110! Thats a little too much for me. I don't get paid that much too afford a $110 bowl. :) But its beautiful and I want it! Hopefully they could put it on sale soon! Cross fingers!

I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy these. All of our decoration in our home have normally dark colors. I didn't know if they would go well together. White does go with everything, doesn't it? Well I tried dressing up my entry way table with the milk glass decorations and it looks funny. Maybe because I am not use to having white decorations in my home. Spring is just around the corner and I want it to have a "spring-e" feel ( I know, made up word). Fall is over and so is winter! I want to incorporate more lighter colors this spring. So, what do you think about the new "spring-e" look? I am thinking of buying a antique white lamp and replace it with the darker one. Does it look ok? To tell you the truth, I like how it looks in person, but when I saw the pictures I did not like them at all. Should I replace all of the darker decorations in the table with lighter ones? Should I just keep the old decorations? I never thought it would be so hard to dress up an entry table! Leave comments, be honest I wont get upset promise! All comments appreciated! Also, if you own milk glass decoration, I would love to see how you use them to decorate in your home!




  1. I love milk glass! I have two pieces and am on the look out for more. I found two that matching pieces to what I owned but they were asking too much than I was willing to pay for small vases. I really like the containers and how they are so timeless. And they look great in/on your entry table!

  2. I like the milk glass! I just saw some online the other day that I wanted to get. I think it looks good!

  3. I really like milk glass and have a pretty vase I like a lot. I am jealous that you have so much! I think it looks great on your table and it goes nicely with your frame. Leave it like that for a day or two and see if you like it when you walk by. If not play with it a bit, you'll find an arrangement you like!

  4. If I'm totally honest, I love the bottom of the shelf and the little birdhouse on top, but I think there may be too much white. I love white decorations personally, but I really like what you had before. I think small touches here and there just lighten things up. Maybe a vase of white flowers would look really pretty. Just my thoughts!

    I love milk glass too. My mom has some wonderful pieces.

  5. Hi Martha, this is kind of a late posting, just saw your milk glass. I have a lot of my grandmas's milk glass, Fenton. I remember her buying it when I was a child, and I am 55 years old. You have inspired me to take it out of a cabinet and USE it. Thank you..