Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birthday Cake Table Idea

Kelly @ Kelly's Korner is having a Children's Parties - Party ( If it makes sense ha..) You know I have no children yet and I've never really planned a kids party. I do have some great ideas! Actually, my niece will be turning 1 in August and I've been planning little by little but I still have nothing to show. She will be having a Tinkerbell party! I am excited!

I do have something to show that I made today that would be great to decorate a cake or candy table. I made one that says Happy B-day. It turned out great! Another great idea would be to decorate a table with the birthday boy or girls name. Each letter holds a picture. So for my niece I am thinking of putting one picture for each month. Wouldn't that look nice? They can be done any colors any style. I will be adding these to my Etsy Shop soon.

They do take some time to make since you have to hand cut the base, sand, prime, paint, decoupage and embellish! What do you think? Good idea? Im thinking of adding ribbon and tulle to make it look cuter!

Another great thing to have at parties for decoration are these huge pom-poms! They look wonderful. You can make them any colors, any size. Here is a great tutorial if you are interested in learning how to make them. I made the ones shown in the picture for Mother's Day.

POM-POM Tutorial

I think a candy buffet would look great! I especially love this candy buffet because of all the beautiful colors. Doesn't it look great!

Those are some of the ideas I have for a children's party. Hope you have enjoyed them.

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  1. The letters are just did a fabulous job! Have a great weekend!

    ~Michelle :)

  2. I think the Happy B-day looks fine just the way you have it. Really cute idea to put on the table (or any surface really).

    I like your initial plaque on your sidebar (under "Monday Sale") - they are colors I use in my business.

  3. I love the pom poms! My daughter wants a Hannah Montana/garden birthday party.. so they are PERFECT!

  4. So cute! We have those pompoms in our kids room. They're so fun!

  5. The letters are a great idea.

    If you like to check my blog I post pictures of my twins 1st birthday (theme: tinkerbell)

    Have a nice weekend